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About Friction Free Community

Friction Free Community was founded in 2018 by a Finland based fast growing technology company Jakamo. The main goal was to bring supply chain experts together to transform supply chain management from traditional to digital, from ground to cloud.

Professors and Executives with a strong background in manufacturing and engineering form the foundation of our community. These leaders provide valuable information to help other supply chain leaders make the changes required for digital transformation.  Our aim is to build a global, active network of professionals who want to be a part of changing the industry.

Friction Free Community focuses on topics related to digital supply chain and digital transformation. You can expect to hear more about Supply Chain Management, Digitalization, Manufacturing, Value Creation, Information Sharing, Supplier Networks, Digital Collaboration, and Business Relationships.

Dialogue and learning from each other are in the core of our interaction. We want to start conversations with the community members, and create active discussions that help each and every one of us take our expertise to the next level. By uniting our powers, we will make other stakeholders in our business networks understand the importance of changing the status quo of Supply Chain Management.

What does “Friction Free” mean?

In an ideal world, supply chains work smoothly and efficiently, making it easy for all parties to add value to the end customer. But in real life, challenges with communication, time pressure, and changing needs, make the process challenging. Friction Free is all about removing the obstacles and hindrances in supply chain collaboration. When data is in one place and processed digitally within seconds, it makes the overall process much smoother than in a traditional way of communicating and collaborating.

Join the Community

We need everyone’s input in transforming the industry. If you see yourself as one of the forerunners or spokesperson of modern supply chains or digitalization, please get in touch. We warmly welcome you to the community, and make sure you have the opportunity to make an impact!


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