Jarl Matti Anttila

Jarl Matti Anttila

CMO & Co-founder of Jakamo
Dialogue activist and digital explorer. Helping manufacturing companies on their digital transformation journey. Consumer and fan of performing arts such as theatre, live music and football.
Articles: 10

Eero Eloranta

Professor, VP of Education at Aalto University
Wide experience in academic research and practice in the fields of industrial engineering management, supply chain management and strategic management. Popular lecturer and recognised degree programme leader.
Articles: 1

Tomas Hedenborg

Group CEO of Fastems
Strong background in mechanical engineering, specifically in the automotive and machine tool sector. Managed companies with high development potential, through times of radical strategic renewal.
Articles: 1

Lars Hellberg

President & CEO of Fortaco Group
Experienced C-Level Executive from automotive, energy and heavy industries. Popular board member in various organisations.
Articles: 1

Henri Kinnunen

CEO of Woima Corporation
High-spirited project leader and executive. Wide experience of leading difficult industrial projects in challenging business environment.
Articles: 1

Marko Kohtamäki

Professor at University of Vaasa
Professor of Strategy, and a director of the Networked Value Systems research program at the University of Vaasa.
Articles: 1

Andreas Korczak

Chief Operations and Marketing Officer at Microsoft
Leading strategy and digital transformation work and shape how to set and execute a complex change agenda successfully.
Articles: 1

Pertti Korhonen

Industrial Advisor
Board professional, industrial advisor, and investor. An engineer with a wide experience of leading companies in the fields of electronic, mobile phone and machine building industries.
Articles: 1

Pekka Lettijeff

SCM Executive & Industry Advisor
Experienced visionary executive from multiple global companies, regions and industries. Focused on hands on work close with leaders who desire rapid and sustainable change in their own business and leadership style.
Articles: 1

Matti Manner

CEO at Prohoc Ltd
A father, serial entrepreneur, former SCM Executive at ABB, sports fan and project empowerer who loves to help people succeed with their life projects.
Articles: 3

Mårten Mickos

CEO of HackerOne
Mårten Mickos is a growth company Executive in Silicon Valley with a special passion for leadership and for open collaborative business models. Author at School of Herring. Former CEO of MySQL.
Articles: 1

Tommi Mäki

Sourcing Manager at Prima Power
SCM expert and leader in Finnish - Italian manufacturing corporation. Pays lot attention in the development of strategic supplier relationships.
Articles: 1

Eetu Pakkanen

Head of Procurement at Komas
Early technology adapter and modern supply chain leader. Expert in strategic sourcing and purchase management in the context of manufacturing industry.
Articles: 1

Ilkka Palola

COO at Prohoc Ltd
Tech and project business leader. Wide experience in ICT, energy retail and power and automation technology.
Articles: 1

Tommi Ranta

CEO of MDI, Co-founder of Jakamo
Tommi Ranta (D.Sc. Economics) is a co-founder of Jakamo and Consultancy Agency MDI. Curious consultant in regional development, innovation and policy. Fan of Barclay's Premier League.
Articles: 2

Timo Rossi

CDO & Partner of Jakamo
Timo is an environmentalist and design thinker who holds wide knowledge of supply chain management, user-centric design and value creation in industrial context.
Articles: 5

Jussi Sinisalo

VP, Pulp & Energy, Valmet China
Professional of global manufacturing development and production. Lean management enthusiast and six sigma black belt holder.
Articles: 1

Annika Tidström

Professor at University of Vaasa
D.Sc. Annika Tidström acts as Professor of Entrepreneurship in University of Vaasa and as Adjunct Professor of Industrial Networks in Åbo Akademi University. She's one of the most cited researchers in the field of coopetition studies. Exhilarating speaker and award-winning lecturer.
Articles: 1

Jukka Vesalainen

Professor at University of Vaasa
Wide experience in academic research and practice in relational business management, business networks and strategic management. Recognised advisor in manufacturing industry.
Articles: 3

Heikki Vuorenmaa

EVP, Paving at YIT Oyj
An industrial business leader and supply chain executive who has background from information technology, lumber and construction industries.
Articles: 1

Tero Vuorinen

Managing Consultant at Talent Vectia
Adjunct Professor at Helsinki and Turku Universities. Comprehensive experience in consulting and research in the field of management. Former Research Director at the University of Vaasa. Loves cycling and motorsports.
Articles: 1

Juhani Vuorio

Partner Development Manager at Microsoft
Partner Development Manager at Microsoft Western Europe. Helping independent software vendors understand and grow with Microsoft and Azure.
Articles: 1