Interview with Professor Marko Kohtamäki

Marko Kohtamäki is a Professor of Strategy, and a director of the Networked Value Systems research program at the University of Vaasa. He is focusing currently on servitization, strategy-as-practice, digitization, and strategic alliances.

He is a recognised organisation & strategy researches in the context of manufacturing & technology industry. Marko has published several studies in top ranking journals such as Strategic Management Journal, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Industrial Marketing Management, Long Range Planning, International Journal of Production Economics, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Technovation.

He works closely with large scale manufacturing & technology companies focusing on strategies, servitization, strategy processes and business model design. “None of the manufacturing companies are working as a separate in these days. It’s all about managing the network, operations with both customers and suppliers, and how those networks are managed”, says Marko.

Listen and learn what kind of capabilities a SCM Director & SCM Team should have to succeed in a complex solution delivery in an effective and efficient way.

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